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Office Entry Procedure

We are thrilled to report that our door is unlocked and patients can easily enter and enjoy the waiting room

(still socially distanced). If you have any Covid -19 like symptoms and/or have recently been exposed to anyone with Covid-19, then please reschedule your appointment.

We require facial coverings for continued safety In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations. Masks are available if needed. Hand sanitizer is available upon entry.

 Please review the symptom list on the counter top  and let us know if any apply. If you have any concerns or special requests please let us know.

Rest assured , we are still continuing our heightened, thorough sterilization protocols of surfaces, equipment, instruments, atmosphere, and staff. Our team is fully  vaccinated!

As always everyones safety is our top concern.

Staff Protocols

Our staff is required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times, and their uniforms never leave the office as we clean and sterilize them in house. We have trained our team to orchestrate safe scheduling to keep patients separated. Staff wear n-95 respirator masks, level 3 surgical masks, disposable gowns, surgical headwear, face shields, and gloves when treating patients. They are changed between each patient and if compromised. Facial covering of both the nose and mouth is required at all times within the office.   Positioned in every room are hand sanitizing stations for all to use. Employees must wash hands between every patient, or if they exit the treatment room.

Everyone's safety comes first!


We require facial coverings (masks) while in our office per Massachusetts Department of Health Regulations  and for extra safety.

After entering the sterilized treatment room, you may remove your mask and may be asked to use the antiseptic pre-rinse. The rinse is non-alcoholic and safe for all ages. We use disposable plastic covers on all touchable surfaces. These are used on keyboards, light handles, x-ray heads, control pads, and other office supplies. We change every disposable covered surface after each patient. Every surface, including but not limited to doorknobs and countertops, is then disinfected between patients. We have an evacuation system above patients mouth to capture any aerosols. At least once a day the office is "fogged" with an eco-friendly, non toxic disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria, and mold. The fog is 200 to 300 times more effective than bleach.


Each treatment room is equipped with individual state of the art air purification, six stage filtration including UV-C (Surgically Clean Air ®). These units clean the air in the room 16-18 times an hour achieving 99.998% purity. We have installed a UV-C filtration in the AC/heating circulation system that sterilizes and purifies the circulating air in the office. Our restrooms are fogged frequently through out the day. At night we use UV-C light in treatment rooms and high traffic areas of the office to kill any germs in the air and on surfaces.

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