CEREC​ Primescan - Cad / Cam

3D Digital Dentistry Single visit crowns, bridges, onlays, and inlays. No temporary coverings coming off. One Visit - Leave with the finished product. All designed and fabricated in office with the latest porcelain materials. The same high quality materials used in dental laboratories. Over 20 years experience working with CEREC one visit technology.

Digital X-Rays

Significantly less radiation exposure than film based X-rays. Instant high definition resolution images right before your eyes. Extremely accurate diagnosis. No chemicals or waste generated. Environmentally friendly.

Digital Panorex X-Ray

Safer with less radiation. Full mouth view on x-ray for overall and wisdom teeth. Great for patients who struggle with gagging from x-rays No internal mouth piece. Environmentally friendly, no chemicals or waste!

Intra-Oral Cameras

High definition pictures. Diagnostic & Educational. Together we can see the issues. A clear visual understanding of what needs to be treated. No radiation, safe for patients of all ages.

Laser Cavity Detection

Assists in identifying tooth decay & cavities No radiation & safe for all ages.

White Mercury Free Fillings

Matches tooth color giving a natural appearance. Mercury free and eco friendly.

Paper-less / Computerized Office

Digitally organized & efficient delivery of care. X-rays & records can be viewed in any room. COVID safe & disinfected screens & devices. A step to help the environment.

Flat Screen Televisions & Cable TV

An option available in each treatment room. Making your visit more comfortable. A nice added distraction for kids! Our patient favorite: HGTV